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    Axial Joint
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Axial Expansion Joints have one bellows. Axial Compression and extension, lateral and angular movement can be accommodated. These expansion joints can not retain the internal pressure thrust.
Axial Joint  
Tied Axial Expansion Joints also have one bellows, except that their length is restrained by tie rods which can accept the pressure generated thrust. When under pressure they are usually not designed to accept any axial movement, but can accept lateral movement. The two tied rod designs can accept angular deflection in a single plane.
  Universal Joint
Universal Joint consist of two bellows separated by a center pipe, so that large lateral movements can be accepted, in addition to axial compression and extension and angular deflections, these joints have no restrains to resist pressure thrust like the Axial.
For Tied Universal joint, the tie rods are provided to resist the pressure thrust, these joints cannot accept axial movements.
Hinged Expansion Joints have a single bellows and have their length restrained by the addition of hinge mechanism which is strong enough to accept the pressure generated thrust but will allow angular movement in a single plane.
Hinged Joint  
Slotted Hinge Expansion Joints are a variant of the above "Hinged" type, in that while providing for angular movements, some axial movement can be accepted because the hinge pin passes through slots in the hinge plates. When the axial movements is occurring the expansion joint is incapable of accepting the pressure thrust. The hinge structure can be designed to accept the full pressure thrust when the pin is at the limit of its travel within the slot

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