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Stainless steel bellows
    Axial Joint
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    Hinged Joint
    Gimbal Joint
    Pressure Balanced Joint
metalic Expansion Joints
Gimbal Joint
Gimbal Expansion Joints have a single bellows and a unique pressure thrust resisting structure which permits angular movements in any plane.
Gimbal Joints  
The structure contains two hinge mechanisms which allows simultaneous rotation about two perpendicular axis which intersect at the centre line of thebellows.
  Pressure Balanced
Pressure Balanced Expansion Joints are devices which produce no pressure thrust forces in the piping system on the main anchors. In addition to eliminating the pressure thrust,
The expansion joint can accept axial compression, axial extension, lateral and angular movements. The balancing thrust is created by using a balancing bellows.
Pressure Balanced
Pressure Balanced  
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